Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Recruiting Review

So far my PSU blog is slow getting out of the blocks. Probably not smart for me to start a football blog in the offseason. But at least we have some recruiting news.

This year's class is without a doubt one of the best I have every seen come to PSU. Here is my take on some of the key players:

Quarterback: Devlin kid is the total package. The only thing that could make landing this kid sweeter would be taking him away from another program at the midnight hour of recruiting. Sorry Miami...not really. Hopefully Joe will redshirt this kid his first year. I would rather he do that than get some garbage time in the fourth quarter of the Youngstown State game. Let him back up Morelli in 2007, and then he can start through 2010.

Defensive Backs: The stud in the group is A.J. Wallace. Along with Justin King, PSU will have another pair of shutdown corners for the next few years.

Linebacker: PSU landed another solid LB class with Navarro Bowman and Bani Gbadyu. The Linebacker U tradition lives on.

Running Backs: Brent Carter is the stud of the group. It will be interesting to see if he lives up to his potential. If not, Evan Royster is a solid player who will be waiting in the wings.

Wide Recievers: The additions of Chris Bell and Cedric Jefferies give PSU even more depth than they had. Look for Deon Butler to move over to CB until A.J. Wallace gets up to speed with the defense.

Defensive Line: It's almost unbelievable how much talent Larry Johnson has build on the defensive line. In all PSU signed 9 defensive linemen highlighted by Maurice Evans and Aaron Maybin. Look for some of these kids to shift over to offense to give the offensive line some depth.

Offensive Line: We got some major talent with Antonio Logan-El, J.B. Walton, and Lou Eliades. These kids are going to dominate the big ten in the years to come.

Overall, I have to give the coaches an A+ on this class. Changes in recent years are really paying off. Replacing Jay Paterno with Mike McQuery as recruiting coordinator was a brilliant move. And Larry Johnson is well deserving of Rivals.com Recruiter of the Year award. Thanks to these coaches, Penn State Football is going to be fun to watch the next four years.

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