Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Whole Vidal Thing...

At first I was excited to hear Vidal Hazelton was thinking of attending PSU. Now I'm not so sure.

Vidal originally committed to USC. But his dad refused to sign his letter of intent saying Penn State is a better fit for his son. Now there is a huge saga going on with people speculating which school he is going to sign with. Penn State made a play at Vidal last weekend by showing him the red carpet during his official visit to Happy Valley.

Don't get me wrong. I would love to see Vidal suiting up in the Blue and White on those brisk autumn Saturdays, but I think we have to let this kid go. I'm afraid his dad would be too much of a distraction to the program. Any time over bearing parents get involved in their kid's career, it gets ugly. Look at what Eric Lindros' dad did for him. And Eli Mannings' dad got his son's NFL career off to a less than classy start.

The point is, whenever over bearing parents get involved in their kid's career, people get hurt, fans get angry, and things get ugly. PSU fans should ask themselves, do you think Dexter Hazelton is going away after his son signs with a program? How do you think Dexter will react the first time his son complains about having to share playing time with Derrick Williams, Jordan Norwood, and Chris Bell? Will he tell his son to be patient and work harder? Or will he go to the Philadelphia Inquirer and tell them his son made a mistake going to PSU? An article like that could potentially damage recruiting for years to come. I don't know what he would do, but I would rather not take the chance. We've got a pretty good wide receiving crew. I say let's just take our chances with what we've got.

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