Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anti-BCS Rant - Part I

Thus far I have spared my few readers on this young blog to my anti-BCS diatribe. Well, today you're going to hear my views on the Bowl Championship Series.

On Sunday the BCS announced it will be expanding to a fifth game. The plan is to play another game a week after the other four BCS bowl games. It kind of sounds like a playoff, but it's not. The fifth game will be between two teams who did not participate in the four previous games. Now here's the real catch: Instead of adding a fifth bowl location, one of the existing BCS bowls will get a second game every year to be rotated among the four bowls starting with the Fiesta this year. They claim this will be more inclusive and make it easier for smaller programs to qualify for the a BCS bowl game thus sharing the wealth. This is a crock of....well, you can fill in the blank.

Rest assured this will only serve to make the BCS richer. Marquee matchups like the Capital One Bowl which traditionally features the Big Ten #2 against the SEC #2 will be shuffled over to one of the BCS bowls. They will not include the small programs. They will just include more of the bigger programs from one of the big six conferences (Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Big East, PAC, and ACC). The second tier bowl games will still manage to get some pretty interesting matchups, but the third tier bowl games, which often feature the smaller programs that don't reside in one of the big six conferences, are going to have even fewer of the big teams to choose from. If the BCS continues to snatch up the big time teams, the smaller bowls are going to suffer and eventually have to shut down leaving the small schools nowhere to play in December. How is that sharing the wealth?

Tune in later to read Part II of my anti-BCS rant, "Why the BCS Hurts the Student Athlete."

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