Monday, May 01, 2006

Penn State's First Verbal

This weekend while Penn State fans were weeping watching their favorite players go off to play in the NFL, the school quietly scored its first verbal commitment for the 2007 recruiting class.

Chris Colasanti from Bloomfield, Michigan has chosen Penn State as the school he wants to play for. He's somewhat of an unknown by Rivals and, who only rates him a one star player. But Colasanti turned down offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Ohio State, UCLA, and Stanford to come play for Paterno and coach Bradley. The fact that all of these big time schools thought highly enough of this kid to offer him a scholarship makes me think he's quite a prospect. Another great sign is how the Nittany Lions are able to go into the heart of Wolverine territory and pluck a player out of their back yard. Michigan and Ohio State have been doing this to us for years. Now we're flipping the tables. It must be a little unsettling to other Big Ten schools to see us having success on a national scale.

But enough about my opinion. I'm too cheap to buy the full subscription to Rivals and so what do I know? (Although I do have an ESPN insider subscription which grades him a 79). What do his high school coaches think about him?

Brother Rice Assistant Coach David Sofran says: "A throw-back type football player. Hard-nosed, tough and definitely fits the bill on what you want an inside linebacker to look like. Could be one of the best linebacker prospects in the history of Brother Rice."

How does Chris describe his playing style? "I'm a hard hitter. My speed is alright but I want to get quicker for sure. I'm a student of the game. I watch film of my opponent now. I'm an intelligent linebacker and I'm a leader."

Sounds like he will fit in quite well at Linebacker U.

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