Friday, May 19, 2006

Sharing the Spotlight

Ok it's mid May now. The Blue-White game was played weeks ago. We're still over three months away from the start of the season. Yet news about Penn State Nittany Lion Football continues to trickle in.

Joe Paterno was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame this week. It's a proud day for the Penn State nation. I won't bore you with all the details of Joe's career. You all know his record. He's well deserving of the honor and I'm glad the committee changed the rules to allow him early entry. But there is a small twist to the story.

Also elected to the Hall this week was Florida State Seminole coach Bobby Bowden. The Hall trumped this up as a great occasion inducting these two great coaches into the Hall together. Personally, I think it stinks. Nate Bauer is so mad he wants to punt kittens. It's a shame these two guys get lumped together in the same sentence all the time. Seems like Joe never gets the spotlight to himself anymore without having to share it with Blobby.

Of course both coaches are saying all the right things. They are both telling the cameras how much they love being inducted into the Hall with their "good friend". I don't buy it for a second. I think they both open the paper on Sunday morning after the game and after reading the writeup of their own team they check the scores to see how "the other guy" did. I think they both plan on coaching until they die and secretly hope the other guy dies first so they can secure a record that is sure to never be broken again.

I have to admit they put on a good show for the media, but I think they are both ticked they have to share their day in the sun. I'm ticked as well. I think they both deserve to be there, but they also both deserve their own day in the sun without having to share.

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