Thursday, June 15, 2006

Big 33 Preview (PSU Edition)

This week high school kids are practicing in preparation for the annual Big 33 rivalry between high school football stars from Pennsylvania and Ohio. Featured in the game this year are a few incoming freshmen for the Nittany Lions.

Featured in the picture from left to right are future Nittany Lions Abe Koroma, Pat Devlin, Tom McEowen, Jared Odrick, Travis McBride, and Collin Wagner. is giving reports this week on these recruits and many others.

Word on Abe Koroma is he is a solid player. He is a quiet kid that does whatever the coaches ask of him. He is drawing many comparisons to former Nittany Lion standout and current San Francisco 49'er Anthony Adams.

Pat Devlin is showing fantastic leadership on the field. He is reported to be the most poised of the quarterbacks on the PA squad. The coaches say he is going through his progressions and making proper reads. He is showing excellent touch in his passes and looks like a precision passer. There are some concerns from the coaches. Apparently his passes don't have a lot of zip like a Morelli pass and he struggled running a two minute drill in practice. These are things that may come around as he builds confidence with practice and experience. I can only imagine how hard it is to run a two minute drill with players you've never played with and an offense you've only had a few days to learn.

Coaches are saying Tom McEowen is a beast on the defensive line. He's unstoppable. Coaches have been double teaming him in practice and they still can't slow him down. On one play he reportedly split a double team, wrapped up the ball carrier and threw him to the ground. Coaches had to ask him to tone it down a bit. They told him to just wrap the guy up and they will blow the play dead. I can't wait to see this guy play.

Equally impressive has been Jared Odrick. Odrick has been playing both sides of the ball on the offensive and defensive lines and dominating wherever he plays. Coaches have been impressed with his strength and quickness. According to one of the Big 33 coaches, it's going to be tough to redshirt him this fall.

Travis McBride may remind a lot of Penn State fans of Mike Archie from the 90's. He's a quick running back that can turn the corner or hurt you catching passes out of the backfield. Coaches say he may be the most sure handed player on the team catching everything that is thrown his way.

By all accounts Collin Wagner appears to have the makings of a solid kicker. Coaches are impressed with his work ethic. He reportedly narrowly missed a 49 yard field goal in practice. He doesn't have a booming leg, but he hits his marks and is pretty accurate.

I'll try to take some time to report on their performance after the Big 33 game.


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