Friday, June 02, 2006

Notre Dame Hatin'

Is there anything on God's green earth more annoying than a Notre Dame? Michigan can be annoying with their smugness. Ohio State fans are annoying with their rudeness. Pitt fans smell, which can be very annoying. But nothing annoys me like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Maybe it's the baseless optimism of their fans. Whenever they can put three wins together in a row everyone talks about their return to national prominence. Nevermind if those wins come over Army, Navy, and Indiana. No other school shares this kind of optimism. Congratulations on going 9-3, but you have a long way to go before winning the national title. But that didn't stop ESPN's Ivan Maisel from ranking them in his Post-Spring Top 10.

Maybe it's the way their people are treated like God's in the media. After one 9-3 year, Charlie Weiss is touted as a football genius, even though he won with players that Ty Willingham recruited. Going into the 2007 season everyone is practically handing Brady Quinn the Heisman. Mel Kiper already has him listed as the top pick for the 2007 NFL Draft. High School QB Jimmy Clausen made a spectacle of himself complete with the stretch limmo and 15 person entourage when he held a press conference at the College Football Hall of Fame to announce his intent to play for Notre Dame. Reporters fell out of their chairs and quickly decreed this kid will win multiple Heisman trophies to go along with his three or four national title rings.

Maybe it's their arrogance and elitism. They view themselves as being above everyone else. They have the College Football Hall of Fame. They choose to remain independant. They have their own network contract. Try arguing x's and o's with a Notre Dame fan and you are quickly reduced to listening to lectures about glory days of the past. You're forced to listen to how they dominated college football half a century ago. I can't think of any other fans like this.

Johnny Danbury compares them to Yankee fans in this regard. The difference is Yankee fans can point to recent success. The Yankees have won championships in every decade since the 20's. But even then, Yankee fans aren't as obnoxious as Notre Dame fans. Yankee fans wear their caps even during the down years. They still look at you with that quiet smugness because they know they don't have to walk around with a foam finger waving in your face all the time to remind you they are the greatest baseball franchise ever.

But Notre Dame fans only seem to come out of the woodwork after they have a little success. The sad thing is it doesn't take much success to erase years of failure. They haven't won a bowl game in something like 15 years. Yet after a 9-3 season, they are convinced this is their year to win it all. Perhaps they should focus on winning a bowl game before they think about winning THE bowl game. It's quite sad and pathetic. It's like the raging alcoholic that wins $500 at the horse track. He's at the bar buying drinks for his friends to celebrate his "success", but you know tomorrow he'll be broke again, yet still talking about the glory days.

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