Thursday, July 27, 2006

Preseason Hopes

The pre-season is always a fun time. Everyone is 0-0 and dreaming of BCS bowls. Everyone looks up and down the schedule and puts positive spin on their team while putting negative spin on the others convincing themselves their team has the best shot to go all the way. So sometimes when we see an object analysis of our team by someone who could care less if your team wins or loses, it kind of stings.

Today, Sunday Morning Quarterback gave his "somewhat obligatory assessment" of the Penn State Nittany Lions. There aren't too many surprises in his assessment. Four starters gone on the O-Line, no M-Rob, three starters gone on the D-Line, all new secondary, yada yada yada. Not surprisingly, he picks PSU to finish around 7-5.

Now your typical delusional Penn State fan will scoff at this and convince himself that Morelli is going to light up the scoreboard, the O-Line will do just fine, Tony Hunt is going to rush for 1500 yds, and Paul Posluszny will single handedly prevent anyone from scoring. But let's be realistic here. We lost 13 starters from last year. We all know Paterno runs his program to make a title run every 3 to 4 years. Last year was the year. This year is a rebuilding year. I would prefer to see a 7-5 rebuilding year rather than the horrendous years that plagued us in the first part of the decade.

But I can't say I completely agree with 7-5 this year. (In fairness to SMQ, he claims he didn't look at the schedule in making his prediction) We play Akron, Youngstown State, Northwestern, Illinois, Temple and Michigan State all at home this year. I have to think we are favored to win all of those which gets us to six wins right there. The remaining games are @Notre Dame, @Ohio State, @Minnesota, Michigan, @Purdue, @Wisconsin. Personally, I think it's realistic that we can win at least three of these games to give us a record of 9-3. But I'm not crazy enough to say anything less than a ten win season is a failure.

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