Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tarnished Dome

Imagine that. College Football's golden boys have been accused of negative recruiting.

"I'm not going to lie," (Jamie) Cumbie told The Post and Courier newspaper of Charleston, S.C., for a story Wednesday. "The coaches at Notre Dame sent some bad letters ripping Clemson after I committed here."

This sparked a media war with the Notre Dame head coach, the media anointed "Guru", Charlie Weis.

"I find it quite amusing that a student-athlete already enrolled at another university has decided to be the team spokesman on Notre Dame recruiting practices," Weis said. "There is an obvious contradiction between how this was handled and what was stated. We do not use negative recruiting tactics."

Oh re-he-he-healy? Well, after Weis shot one over the bow, Clemson quickly made their kid put out the following statement:

"No one from Notre Dame, either in writing or in general conversation, said Clemson had a horrible education," Cumbie's statement said. "Notre Dame made a comparison in different areas between the two schools and the facts made Notre Dame look better."

Oh ok. They were just comparing the two schools. These statistics just made Notre Dame look better, but that wasn't a knock on Clemson or anything. Nooooooo sir. I'm just curious why Clemson had their kid respond this way. If an institution was trying to cut me down with the kids I have already recruited, I would think I would be pretty upset and want to fire back. The fact that Clemson took this response makes me wonder who has dirt on Clemson and what that dirt is.

Negative recruiting goes on all the time. We all know it. People have been recruiting against Joe Paterno's age for years telling kids they will be playing for someone else before their career is over if they go to Penn State. Of course, most of those guys have been fired since then while JoePa remains. You telling me no coach has ever told a quarterback that if he goes to Penn State Joe is either going to turn him into a linebacker or make him run plays that were drawn up in the 60's? Let's get real here. Everyone recruits by putting down their competition. Penn State included I'm sure. That's the way the game is played when the NCAA official isn't watching.

What bugs me about his is the media is shocked, SHOCKED, when someone suggests their Notre Dame choir boys and "The Guru" are capable of such a thing. Give me a break. We've all seen the amount of pressure there is on a head coach of Notre Dame to perform. It's the highest profile job in college football. They called Ty Willingham a genius after his first year. Two years later he was looking for a job. It takes a fierce competitor willing to cut throats to be successful at that job. So spare me the choir boy crap. Notre Dame is not any more morally superior than the next guy. Let's not pretend they are.

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