Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Student Criminals

I was just surfing my usual daily websites and blogs when I happened across the ESPN college football page. Of course the lead story is the dismissal of Oklahoma Sooner starting stud quarterback, Rhent Bomar, for getting paid $18,000 last year for a job he only worked at for about five hours a week. But here are some of the other headlines:

Auburn suspended two players for alcohol-related reasons.

Tennessee dismissed one player and suspended another. Tight end Lee Smith was arrested for drunk driving and cut from the team. Freshman Marsalous Johnson waved a gun at a police officer on the interstate and will sit four games for that.

Miami has suspended four players. Tyrone Moss, Ryan Moore, James Bryant, and Rashaun Jones will all sit out the Florida State opener for "violating team rules." This is on the heels of safety Willie Cooper being shot in the buttocks and his teammate returning fire.

Air Force has suspended place kicker Ryan Harrison indefinitely for an "unspecified violation of school standards."

Utah State has dismissed linebacker Steven Downs for a marijuana violation.

It seems the world of college football is in disaray this week. Instead of pouring over the preseason polls and debating who will be number one at the end of the season, we're all focused on who's in trouble with the law and the NCAA. Thank God Penn State isn't dealing with these kinds of issues. A few years ago it seemed our players were making all the headlines. I have to believe it is the senior leadership from the captains keeping the players in line. I can't wait until the season starts so we can stop talking about all this crap and start talking about football.

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