Thursday, August 03, 2006

Welcome NDNation Fans!

I see I'm getting a lot of hits from Rock's House on, a Notre Dame site. Some douchebag named Arsenal posted the following on their message board with a link to this post.

Great line from a PSU blog

"In other news, Troy Smith from THE Ohio State University was named Big Ten Preseason Offensive Player of the Year. What's wrong with these morons? Haven't they ever heard of Derrick Williams and Anthony Morelli? Is there no justice in this world?"

Morelli really should've been nominated. I mean, he absolutely lit up their second team defense!
He took me completely out of context thinking it would get a few yucks on his message board. Either he is a complete moron, or he didn't notice the paragraph before that statement where I called the people that nominated Paul Posluszny the Preseason Big Ten Defensive Player of the year geniuses. I think we can all assume they are the same people.

Fortunately, they are not all completely stupid over on ndnation. One commenter points out to Arsenal that my post was meant to be sarcastic. I thought Notre Dame was supposed to be a smart school. Maybe this is one of those Notre Dame wannabe fans who never went to school there but he kisses the toilet seat Charlie Weis takes a crap on.

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